Jump with Joey

The English language comes alive, as children follow the animated adventures of Joey and friends with learning materials that bring 2D characters to life with 3D animation and sound.

Each student receives a backpack with the following:

  • 4 books with augmented reality technology
  • 1 book of read-along stories
  • 1 workbook for learning reading and writing (optional)
  • Access to 4 audio and video recordings


Age group
6 – 9 years

900 words

Kids love learning English with Joey, Kangi and Paul! Packed with videos, songs, stories and entertaining characters that come alive, students are taught intonation and proper pronunciation through augmented reality and a downloadable app. This exciting technology is perfectly suited to teaching English, keeping the students interested by giving them additional opportunities to hear correctly spoken English to improve their language skills.

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Kangi Club

An online game portal exclusively for our registered students.


Our students get access to audio content that they can listen to every day.

Jump with Joey

Stories from one of our courses come alive through 3D animation and sound effects.

Helen Doron Song Club

A YouTube channel of videos and songs for younger learners up to 6 years of age.

Helen Doron Read App

Kids learn to read at their own pace with 32 animated books.

Bedtime Stories with Grandma

Beautifully illustrated and modernized folktales.



Kids learn to read in English at their own pace.

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