Helen Doron’s Proven Method

Kids learn best when they are having fun at the same time. In our lessons, there are many entertaining activities to engage the senses. Songs, games, conversations and interactions turn English lessons into an adventure!


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Our four principles

The learning and teaching methods from Helen Doron are based on our many years of experience and acquired knowledge. At the heart are four principles:

Learning through fun

Engaged kids are more receptive to learning, which is why our lessons are full of a variety of energetic and interactive activities to keep kids interested.

Small groups

Our classes typically have up to 8 kids, so that they get as much individual attention as possible.

Repeated listening

Hearing English in the background gives kids an ear for the sounds, intonations and grammar structure.

Positive reinforcement

A positive experience with language gives children more self-confidence in English and beyond.

Helen Doron Teachers

We are very proud of our amazing teachers, who, due to our comprehensive training, bring Helen Doron’s unique methodology to life. From the start, they are specialized in working with our teaching materials and practicing the principles that ensure effective—but also fun—learning. With their energy, creativity and joy, lessons are so much more than lessons. They become a happy experience for your child and provide them important skills to last a lifetime.

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