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Helen Doron English offers courses for all age and learning levels—from preschoolers to high schoolers. In small groups, children playfully learn through entertaining stories, games and music. The lessons build on each other, so that vocabulary and concepts are continually practiced and expanded on with newly introduced material.

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Best Start


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with Joey

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Helen Doron English class materials

Each of our classes comes with original materials, created by our education specialists. In addition to colourful and engaging storybooks and workbooks, each student also receives access to streamed audio content for background hearing at home. All of our materials follow the Common European Framework of References for Languages.


Prices can vary depending on the area you live in, which classes you book and how long and how often they meet. As a general rule, courses range between 39€  and 85€ per month.

For more specific information, please contact your local Learning Centre.


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A Course for Every Age and Level!

Baby Courses <2 Years

In our playgroups you can expect to spend quality time with your child and other parents. We show you parent-child exercises that teach sign language, practice motor skills and encourage development of language skills through songs and rhymes. Additionally, you will have access to valuable tips about important early child development stages.

Kids 2-6 Years

Children at this age begin to use their mother tongue and have a naturally burgeoning curiosity. We use humor, movement and variation to keep them motivated to learn, focusing on visual, auditory and kinesthetic stimuli. The goal is to promote the active, self-aware use of the English language.

Kids 6-9 Years

We offer lessons that support the English learned in school, helping children to prepare for the higher grade levels. Grade schoolers begin with the English alphabet and learn to read and write simple words and sentences. Age-appropriate grammar is addressed, and the children also learn complex English phonetics in a playful way. The focus, at this age, remains on active speaking.

Tweens 10-12 Years

We support your child’s transition from the more playful grade school content to the more grammar-concentrated materials of the higher grades. Step by step we introduce basic grammar concepts and integrate reading and writing. Through the active use of the English language, we also expand students’ vocabulary.

Teens 13-18 Years

Helen Doron Teen English is a four-tier course programme that follows the Common European Framework for Languages. With teenagers, we concentrate on intensive grammar and writing different types of texts. Hearing, comprehension and discussions in English are also part of the curriculum. A higher level of learning means teens are subjected to more complex English structure and learn to independently express themselves.

In Kitas and Grade Schools

Did you know we also have lessons that are designed just for Kitas and schools? Our teachers come to your child’s turf to offer fun and exciting activities that introduce English in a playful and natural way, similar to how they are already learning their mother tongue. Contact us and we will work with you to provide a course that is custom made for your institution’s needs.

Holiday Courses

Helen Doron English has developed short courses that run during school holidays.
While some focus primarily on improving verbal skills, others are more concentrated on providing individual support for kids who are already taking English at school. No matter what, fun is always the top priority! Kids try their hand at theatre, music, dancing, crafting and much more—all in English! Both new and existing students are welcome!

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