Kids learn to read, write and speak with confidence. Lots of songs, activities and games that make reading and learning English effortless and fun!

Each student receives a backpack with the following:

  • 4 Workbooks
  • Access to 8 audio and video recordings
  • 32 books für the HD reading app (optional)


Age group
6 – 9 years

1200 words

Polly the Collie and Nat the Cat return in eight exciting episodes to teach your child to speak, read and write in English. An action-packed story with 16 original new songs, introduces children to new and familiar friends as they set out on a thrilling adventure together. This customized course is suitable for new and continuing students.

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Learn English online!

Supplement your child’s learning with a variety of exciting Helen Doron apps and online tools.

Kangi Club

An online game portal exclusively for our registered students.


Our students get access to audio content that they can listen to every day.

Helen Doron Song Club

A YouTube channel of videos and songs for younger learners up to 6 years of age.

Helen Doron Read App

Kids learn to read at their own pace with 32 animated books.

Bedtime Stories with Grandma

Beautifully illustrated and modernized folktales.



Kids learn to read in English at their own pace.

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