FAQ for Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Helen Doron English different from other ESL programmes?

     There are several differentiating factors, the main one being that our teachers are the best! We invest a great deal of time and effort in our intensive training programmes and ongoing channels for networking and information sharing. This helps keep our teachers motivated and excited about each lesson that they teach. Other factors include:

    • Our unique methodology based on repeated hearing and positive reinforcement

    • Our emphasis on ongoing teacher support such as periodic continuing education

    • Our excellent teaching materials that guide teachers through every lesson, yet leave room for creativity and personal preferences

    • The positively energetic atmosphere. Each lesson is full of fun games, lively songs and activities that both teachers and students can enjoy together

    • Proven results; parents, students and teachers are amazed at students’ quick progress with the Helen Doron Method

    • Strong support and brand awareness in your area to help you find new students and grow your business (in the case of Self-Employed Teachers)  

  • Who is a suitable candidate to become a Helen Doron English teacher?

    To apply for a Helen Doron English Teacher Training Course, you must have:

    • An excellent command of spoken and written English

    • An academic background; preferably in English, in teaching or in both

    • Experience working with children or teens

  • How do I qualify to become a Helen Doron English teacher?

    Suitable candidates undergo an intensive training course to qualify in our methodology and exclusive learning materials. They also learn how to cultivate the kind of fun-filled, motivating teaching environment that sets us apart. Our teaching standards are maintained after qualification through ongoing guidance and participation in our regularly scheduled seminars and conferences.

  • What support do I receive from Helen Doron English?

    Support is always available to you. Our comprehensive support system allows you to contact your local franchisee, regional or national franchisor, or the Helen Doron Educational Group Head Office at any time.

  • Pedagogic support

    Seminars ─ Day seminars take place on a regular basis. They explore exciting new learning aids and new applications for existing materials.

    Annual conference ─ This is the perfect venue for showcasing new Helen Doron English materials and ideas that will enhance your teaching skills and to help you maintain the high standards expected of all Helen Doron Early English teachers. You’ll enjoy a fun day, a great learning experience, and the opportunity to make friends with other Helen Doron English teachers.

    Exclusive online forum ─ This provides you with an opportunity to connect with other Helen Doron English teachers in order to pose questions, exchange views and provide feedback. Networking is a big part of what we do, and Helen Doron herself often joins in on these discussions.

    Teacher web portal ─ Here you have instant access to document downloads for the latest in learning material updates, guidelines and other valuable tools for your lessons.

    Teacher prop site ─ An exclusive teacher only section on our Kangi club games website lets you view, download and even create games, props and customized promotional materials.

  • Business Support

    Regional meetings ─ Helen Doron English franchisees sponsor periodic meetings designed to help local teachers improve their organizational and marketing skills, and share experiences with other teachers.

    Referrals ─ Increase your business by way of referrals provided by your local franchisee.

    Information Management System ─ An administrative tool designed to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

    Marketing materials ─ A wealth of media-rich promotional materials will be available to you as soon as you’re qualified as a Helen Doron English teacher.