Learning Centre Leitung

Eileen Petzold-Bradley

Country of Origin: Panama
Nationalities: American & Panamanian
Educational Qualifications/Certificates: Helen Doron TTC – Main Teacher Certificate, FWF, MFW, MEFAC, Botty, Play On, Drama, PWW, PWT, Teen English Activate, Teen Talent, Discipline).
Area of Expertise: (Elementary, Teens- Conversation, Study Abroad, Public Speaking, Dancing, Drama, Singing)
Teaching Experience: (11+ years of teaching, HDEE centre Pankow, School AGs, Kitas & other private institutions)
Funny Interests: (Love Zumba, Swimming- Sun!, Singing in Choir, Deep sea fishing & sailing)
Personal Quote about Children and Learning: “Our children are our future, you only get out of them what you put into them!”


Gary Scott

Country of Origin: Great Britain
Nationality: British
Educational Qualifications/Certificates: Helen Doron TTC – Main Teacher Certificate, MEFAC, Drama, Botty, Play On, PWW, PWT, Teen English Activate, Teen Talent.
Area of Expertise: (Kita, Babies, Elementary school, Teens, Holiday camps, Formal Language Tests, Drama, Storytelling, Crafts, Teens, Holiday Camps, Drama, Storytelling, Music, Singing, Dancing)
Teaching Experience: 7+ Years as Helen Doron teacher in various HDEE Centres in Berlin, in School AG’s and Kindergartens
Funny Interests: Singing, Karaoke, video editing
Personal Quote about Children and Learning:” Have fun, dance, sing and learn English in a natural way.”


Venera Zariqi

Country of Origin: Kosovo
Nationality: British Citizen
Educational Qualifications/Certificates: HDEE certificate, BTR, JWJ.Area of Expertise: Elementary school, Teens, Crafts.
Teaching Experience: I have been teaching with Helen Doron since 2011, in Pankow, Berlin.
Funny Interests: I like painting, storytelling and dancing.
Personal Quote about Children and Learning: “Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning”


Nikolay Madzharov

Country of origin: Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Educational Qualifications/ Certificates: Fun with Flupe, More Fun with Flupe, Jump with Joey, MEFAC, Botty the Robot, Paul Ward’s World;
Area of expertise: Children Ages from 2-12
Teaching experience: Teacher at HD Pankow since May 2014
Interests: Becoming the next “big thing” after Katy Perry (Or just singing).
Teaching philosophy: “Fastest doesn’t always mean first.”


Taylor Miles

Country of Origin: United States of America
Nationality: American
Educational Qualifications/Certificates:HDEE Teacher Training, Sprachcenter Mouroum Teacher Training, TESOL certification
Area of Expertise: Kita and elementary school learners, as well as teens.
Teaching Experience: I completed my teacher trainer with HDEE this winter and am very excited to join the team in Pankow and Charlottenburg, where I currently teach Kita and elementary school classes. I previously taught at various elementary schools and Kitas with Sprachcenter Mouroum in Berlin, as well as bike classes for children in Boston through the city’s program.
Funny Interests: Using recycled materials for art projects, making collages and painting, taking photographs, singing and dancing to pop music, and eating the occasional pastry from Berlin’s always-tempting bakeries
Personal Quote about Children and Learning:
What I have learned working with children is they feed off your energy as the teacher. As a teacher, I come well-prepared and enthusiastic, and this motivates the children to get involved. They love leading activities and will surprise you in the best ways with their creativity and intelligence. Children should learn a new language without even realizing it because it’s all about playing and having fun, with singing, dancing, and endless games.


Eden van den Bogaard

Country of Origin: Canada
Nationalities: Canadian, Dutch
Educational Qualifications/Certificates: Helen Doron Certification, Canadian Certificate of Early Childhood Education
Area of Expertise: I’m currently mostly teaching children between the ages of 4-8 but also have experience with both older and younger children. I like using a ‘learning is doing’ type approach so making things as fun as possible and enjoyable for my students is what is most important to me.
Teaching Experience: I have about 4 years of teaching experience including private lessons, summer holiday camps and language courses in several different learning centres and schools.
Funny Interests: I am my own favourite comedian, I like cooking and learning about nature – I have a special interest in marine life, especially invertebrates!
Personal Quote about Children and Learning: Teaching is not only about learning but experience, knowledge and joy.