Mein Name ist Julianna Ekert. Seit 2011 bin ich Learning Centre Manager im LC Obergiesing, München. Seit über 18 Jahren unterrichte ich Kinder aller Altersstufen, davon seit 15 Jahren nach der Helen Doron Methode. Ich habe mein Diplom als Englischlehrer für Kinder gemacht. Als Teil meiner Diplomarbeit habe ich Forschungen auf dem Gebiet „Implementing the elements of the first language acquisition into teaching English as a foreign language to children“ und „Applying storytelling into teaching English to children“ gemacht. Die Leitung des Learning Centres und die Arbeit als Helen Doron Lehrkraft erfüllen mich in unterschiedlicher Weise. Ich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, dass bei diversen angewendeten Lehrmethoden die Methode nach Helen Doron die effektivste ist. Davon kann ich mich immer wieder überzeugen, z.B. wenn ein Kind, das ich unterrichtet habe, schon nach wenigen Jahren ein Harry Potter Buch im Original lesen kann. Wie verblüffend das ist! Ich freue mich, wenn eine Mama mir erzählt, dass ihre Tochter morgens fröhlich aus dem Bett hüpft, und sich freut: „heute ist Englischunterricht“. Wenn ein Kind ins Learning Centre kommt und mir sagt „I like English“ ist das die größte Auszeichnung und Motivation für meine Arbeit. Es ist mir eine Freude, Sie im Learning Centre begrüßen zu dürfen.

My name is Clare and I’m a native of New York City. I hold a BA from Northeaster University and worked in marketing for many years but always wanted to follow in my Mother’s footsteps and become a teacher. In 2014 I met my husband and moved to Munich and we now have a 6 year old son who speaks both German and English. I believe the Helen Doran method works! I have seen my students mature and grow, learning new vocabulary, concepts, even speaking full sentences! The best part for me is when one of my students has that “lightbulb” moment – when you see that they have fully understood and made the connection- that’s a rewarding feeling for me!


My name is Anita Rumer, I am from Austria and I grew up close to Innsbruck, right in the mountains. I am a mother of two (Lena, 9 and Felix, 6 years old) who both have been Helen Doron students for a while now. Both of them love their English classes and wouldn’t miss them in the world. After finishing my translation studies, I lived and worked in various countries, among others in London for three years with my husband. I have an American Aupair that I speak English to on a daily basis. English has become a second mother tongue for me and my whole family now and it feels good to see the kids learn so much while they have fun at Helen Doron. Seeing my kids enjoying their English classes at Kindergarten, made me want to become a Helen Doron teacher myself and I have to say, I truly enjoy it.



My name is Valentini, I am a student at the LMU where I am getting my Degree at Communication and Law. As a former Helen Doron student myself I can vouch for and only recommend the method for any child who wants to have fun while learning a new language. I started learning English when I was 3 years old and I loved every second of it. I am fluent in three languages, English, German and Greek. I speak English on a daily basis, since I have chosen to write my thesis in English and I volunteer as a helper for international students. What makes me love being a Helen Doron teacher, is seeing how much fun my students have while they learn, how easy it is for them to absorb a new language.



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