Frankfurt-Süd 1Our Learning Centre opened in the middle of Sachsenhausen ten years ago and continues to grow and deliver our children fun-filled English lessons.


Thanks to the vision of our Team Leader Mary Anne Philippakis, our Centre has grown from much more than just an English language school and has turned into a real community.


We are an international team of eleven teachers, matching the multicultural vibe in Frankfurt. Represented in our team we have Canada, the United States of America, Australia, Germany, among others. Living in the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the international character of our team gives us a chance to embrace the different cultural backgrounds of our students, as well as bringing our own into the classroom. Language is, after all, not merely words strung together with perfect spelling and grammar, but also a portal to share knowledge which enables us to take part in the formation of the future world citizens that join our classes.


All our teachers are committed to bringing both fun and learning into our lessons. We all believe in connecting with our students and teaching through fun, games, good spirits, and laughter.


About Helen Doron Frankfurt-Süd