Frequently asked Questions

  • How can I register my child?

    Contact me ( and you will receive a trial date if I have classes available.

    If I don’t have a place available, I will put you on the waiting list and notify you as soon as I have a free spot.

  • Why can't I reach anyone?

    Our office is not open all the time because we are all teaching, or I may be talking to someone else at that moment. Please leave a message on the answering machine or send an email ( or text me on WhatsApp (01718130859).

  • Where can I park?

    Parking spaces in the city center are scarce, but there is a parking garage nearby:

  • What happens after the trial lesson?

    If you enjoyed the trial lesson, we will give you a registration form. You then bring this with you to the next lesson. We will register you so that you can quickly use the „Stream“ and „KangiClub“ apps for passive listening.

  • Can I also download the tracks?

    Yes, there is a download area in the Kangiclub ( where you can download the tracks as MP3s and save them for your Toniebox, for example.

  • How do I practise listening to the tracks?

    By listening to the English language in the background, children get a feeling for the rhythm of the language, intonation and grammatical structure.

    Start the current episode in the app and let it run in the background, very quietly so that you can just hear it. Your child can now do whatever they feel like doing. There are good opportunities for listening in the morning and evening to accompany getting up or going to bed, but there are certainly some good opportunities at lunchtime too. It is just important that it becomes a habit. Through passive listening, your child will learn 10 times faster, pronunciation will improve and what has been learned will be better memorized, without much effort.

    We are happy to support you with listening charts to make it even easier to establish this new habit.

  • What happens if my child no longer wants to learn English?

    In this case, please contact us. Sometimes there is a very simple solution, such as moving to another group. Sometimes it can also be that you want to end the contract. With us, this is possible with a notice period of 3 months.


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Englisch in der Kita?

Seit vielen Jahren arbeiten wir in Bochum erfolgreich mit Kindergärten zusammen.

Da sich unser Lehrerteam vergrößert hat, können wir jetzt im Vormittagsbereich noch zwei weitere Kindergartengruppen betreuen.

Gern schicken wir Ihnen ein Angebot zu oder beraten Sie persönlich.

Kontaktieren Sie uns über

Wir bieten Ihnen vier lebendige Kursprogramme, die jeweils ein Kitajahr umfassen. Die Kurse sind flexibel einsetzbar – je nach Altersmischung und Gruppengröße.

Der kleine Drache Didi und der kleine Hund Polly sind sympathische Figuren, mit denen sich die Kinder gerne identifizieren. Mit ihnen erleben sie, wie das Englischlernen funktioniert – Schritt für Schritt und mit viel Humor.