Grammatikkurs für 7./8. Klässler, Start 06. Oktober 2021, mittwochs um 15:30 Uhr

35 Years of Leadership in Early English Education!

Englisch für Kinder ist unsere Passion!

The Helen Doron teaching and learning method is based on years of experience and knowledge. Our focus on making learning fun, small groups, background hearing and positive reinforcement has been tested over time. Every class is designed with a variety of activities to cater to every learning style. Our unique learning materials feature original stories, songs and animations to make learning joyful and inspiring.

Where Children Come First!

At Helen Doron, children always come first. We’ve developed a way of teaching that speaks directly to them in a language they understand and one that guarantees the best outcomes. We promise to expose your child to a world of colourful characters, captivating stories, catchy songs and great games.